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Teaching Your Kids To Have A Love For The Ocean Starts Young

Friday, May 20th, 2011

In this day and age many parents are starting early with instilling morals and values in their children like respecting children of all races, helping others and saving the planet but what about loving the ocean?

Instilling a love for the ocean in children at an early age is important because the ocean faces more and more challenges every single year and as civilization progresses there will be a need for more people to step up and fight for the health of the world’s oceans.

How To Get Started

Many children first fall in love with the ocean and marine life during their school age years thanks to field trips to their local aquarium, instruction from teachers in their science classes and more.

When children come home a parent can keep up their children’s love of the ocean by planning weekend trips with their children to the ocean to explore tide pools and to the local library to rent DVD’s and check out books about the ocean too.

Encourage It

Once a child expresses a love for the ocean it’s important to encourage it every way possible by making regular trips to the ocean, encouraging children to collect seashells, study sea creatures that have washed up on the beach and take pictures of birds and other things that they find on trips to the ocean so they can remember their experiences for years to come.

With the Internet age parents have a huge asset at their disposal and have the ability to literally bring the ocean into their homes unlike ten or twenty years ago. Every parent who has a child that loves the ocean should make an effort to sit down with their child on a regular basis to watch videos about the ocean, study conservation websites and make every effort to insure that their child is up to date with the latest information to save the oceans.

When the time comes to take a family trip to the ocean, don’t forget all the supplies you need life jackets, towels. Also remember the after day at the beach supplies, such as soap and dream baby bath spout cover.

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