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Making a Statement with Your Board Shorts

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Being stylish while on vacation or even if you are just at your local swimming pool can make a huge statement about your style and fashion. Board shorts are one way of doing just that.

Finding The Perfect Style Of Men’s Swimwear

Each individual person is always going to have their own favorite style. When it comes to men’s swimwear you would think that there are only a few options as far as what a man can wear. This is not the case; there are actually several different types of swimwear for men.

Using The Internet As A Guide

The Internet is going to provide amazing information in regards to all of  the different styles of board shorts. You can not only see what might work for you but see what the celebrities are wearing. Celebrities tend to set the latest trends, and if you are into style this could be a huge help for you.

Always be sure that you choose something that is comfortable and that you can move freely in. You want to be sure that you have full motion when swimming, because that is very important. Always make sure you pick a bold color as well.

Jewelry and Surfing

Sunday, October 30th, 2011

Surfing is one of the most enjoyable sports in the entire world that offers tremendous health benefits like the ability to help you quickly lose weight and get your body into shape.

Surfers are a dedicated group of people who loyally surf the same spots year after year and stay true to their passion for surfing, no matter how old they are. This is why every surfer should display their love for surfing with the jewelry that they wear.

Inner Soul Jewelry

Based out of Australia, this company offers a large selection of jewelry that has been custom designed for surfers. If doesn’t matter if someone is searching for a nice ring, bracelet, necklace or a nice guitar pick, they have a little something for everyone.

Essential Surf

This jewelry company offers a huge selection of jewelry for both men and women of all ages including custom earrings, necklaces, pendants and key chains. The great thing about this company is that all of the pieces that they offer are unique and one of a kind, and they can’t be found in the stores.

Betty Belts

One of the most unique jewelry manufacturers in the world is Betty Belts. This company features a large selection of handmade jewelry like necklaces, pendants, bracelets and so much more. Betty B is based out of Ventura, California which is one of the hot beds of surfing on the West Coast.

Mo Beta Surfer Jewelry

Mo Beta’s offers some of the best hand crafted jewelry in the world. When you buy a hand crafted necklace from them you will have confidence that the necklace that you wear will look authentic and not leave you looking like a poser.

Surfing Silver

This jewelry company carries the largest selection of stainless steel rings, bracelets, toe rings, necklaces, eyebrow rings and so much more for people of all ages, races and sexes. If you’re looking for a body ring for that special, pierced part of your body, this company will have what you’re looking for.

More great jewelry can be found at jenson george.

Fashionable and Essential Surfing Gear

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Lord only knows how important it is to not only surf well but to look fabulous. What is today’s smart dressed surfer wearing and what are they bringing with them to the beach?

What is the Fashion Conscious Surfer Girl Wearing This Year?

Popular lines of women’s clothing for surfing are Dakine, Glas Song, Blu Emursion, Santa Cruz and more. Their surf fashions for women include long sleeve tight or loose fit tops with rash guard in eye catching prints or solids; short sleeved of the same; tops and tee shirts with prints such as sea horses, Hawaiian themes, a female surfer and more on tee shirts and styles ranging from dragon V-neck and club V-neck to long sleeved lightweight camouflage shirts and barrel sweat shirts. Surf Chick has fashionable sport sweatpants and there are sandals, watches by Freestyle, belts by Betty belts and jewelry by Betty B.; all associated with surfing.

What Essential Gear do you Need for Surfing?

Well a surfboard comes to mind first off… They come in several styles depending on just exactly what it is you’re going to do on the ocean. There are Standup Paddle Boards (pretty self explanatory); the Gun (for the big waves); the Fish (shorter and wider than the short board); a Long Board (ideal for cruising the waves) and the Short Board (for ripping). Then there are soft boards and pop outs depending on your level of experience and your budget. Don’t forget the wax for your board. You’ll need shoes/boots; a wet suit (hooded or not); thermo gloves; and please don’t forget the waterproof sunscreen. Of course you can go surfing in just your swimsuit like they do in the movies, but in chilly waters gloves and wet suits are preferred. A nice soft towel will feel great after that refreshing plunge (bamboo cotton towels are nice).

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