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Get Flashy New Banners For Your Surfing Event

Sunday, September 21st, 2014

Innovative MarketingIf you are in the process of setting things up to host a surfing event, you need to make a great first impression. You need everyone there to know you mean business, and never have a doubt as to what the event is for. You want this to be a big and flashy event, for all who attend. It can be rough on those trying to plan the event, but one option that will lighten things considerably are logo banners for your event. Compelling logo banners are a great way to welcome your guests and get the festivities for the night off and running.

Show Them The Best Time Possible

Pure and simple, having banners at your event gives the whole thing a certain level of polish that most gatherings just don’t have. Your surf event will not only be an inviting place for your friends, acquaintances, and peers together, it’ll look the part as well. Everyone from all around will know just what the event itself is, and the banners will invite and serve as guides for any trying to make their way there. Without banners, events and parties just seem average at best, and boring at worst. Considering how affordable they are, there’s no reason not to have them up and proudly displayed as your guests start arriving. When they take notice, you’ll be glad you spent the extra cash on them.

Show Them The Best Time Possible

On a personal level, what banners do is they make everyone who’s attending your party feel like they’re in the hands of professionals who know what they’re doing, and know how to properly host an event or gathering. If you’re trying to make yourself look like a true professional, and separate yourself from others who just enjoy hosting parties and events, you owe it to yourself and your image to look into investing in banners. With them, you can rest easy knowing your guests will look at you exactly how you intend- as a professional who knows how to throw an event they’ll leave remembering for some time to come.

If this is your first surf event, don’t start things off on the wrong foot. Do what you have to do in order to solidify your public and professional image- take some time right now, put in the research online, and order banners for your event that will welcome people when they arrive, and send them off in style when they leave.

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Keep Your Immigration Status Current

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

Visa LawHave you considered spending time living and working in a foreign country, but wonder where to begin? Australia is a country described as a country so beautiful to visit, that many hate to leave. So how does one go about this? It is not difficult but does require planning.

Temporarily Working And Living In Australia

Professional and skilled workers from other countries are welcome to work temporarily in Australia. People have to follow that country’s immigration rules in order to stay in compliance. Visit VisaPro’s to find out more about immigration.

Here are worker types Australia recognizes:

• Employer Sponsored Workers-people with specialized skills who are sponsored to work here by overseas or Australian employers.
• Skilled Migrants and other professionals-also referred to as the General Migration Program. Designed for highly skilled people not sponsored by an employer.
• Business people-meant for business owners who would like to open a branch in Australia or start a new business. Managing another business or investing in the country is another option.
• SkillSelect-an online system that enables skilled workers to apply for a visa by an Expression Of Interest (EOI).
• Temporary Work and Specialist Entry-people who participate in certain cultural, professional, or social activities in Australia.
• Doctors and Nurses-medical professionals that wish to sharing medical skills in this country.
• Regional Employment-skilled workers willing to work in cities outside the major cities.
• Skills Australia Needs Events-meets skill shortages of the country by temporarily hiring workers for state and territory jobs. Some are sponsored.
• Air and Sea Crew-visas for people with these skills transferring them to this country.
• Seasonal Worker Program-areas of the country like New Guinea and Solomon Islands use workers for short periods of time each year.

Australian Immigration Rights

Defined rights are given to immigrants living in Australia. Workers from other countries are granted the same protections and entitlements as citizens. Every worker is required to possess a temporary work visa. Employers verify workers visas are current and have not expired. They are authorized to check passports or other identification, but are not allowed to cancel, grant, or refuse visas.

Only the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) officials may cancel, refuse, or grant visas to workers. When non-citizens hold subclass 457 visas, sponsoring employers ensure workers have equal conditions as citizens. Overseas workers can only be employed in jobs that apply to the same skilled occupation, in their home country. Employers also are not allowed to pay the workers in cash. Workers can only work for one Australian company at a time.

These and other workers rights and rules can be found online. Being armed with the proper guidelines and keeping visa current will help you work and enjoy life down under.

Hire A Realtor To Find That Australia Surfside Home

Friday, August 30th, 2013

LEDA Real Estate

If you look on the Internet you will undoubtedly find a plethora of waterfront properties available through an agent that deals with NSW real estate (New South Wales). Of course you will have to decide whether you want to live by a harbor, river, canal, marina, ocean or actual up close and personal beachfront property. If you’ve already found the property you’re looking for you can contact a real estate agent that will help you take a look at the properties; or if you haven’t found a property you like yet, a real estate agent can show you what’s on the market.

What To Look For In An Estate Agent?

Ultimately you want a real estate service that’s going to take care of all the extras like following through with buyers, marketing, listings and more. Your real estate agent should exhibit the following:

  • trust, have a good rapport and excellent integrity
  • have excellent references
  • be a team player
  •  today’s real estate agent should be efficient and tech savvy particularly when it comes to the Internet
  • they should also be market savvy
  • display good communication skills
  • Additionally, you should find out if real estate is something this person handles as a hobby or if it is their true, chosen career.

Who Needs Bermuda Or Jamaica?

With all of the magnificent coastal properties in and around Merimbula, Narooma, Ulladulla, Woolongong, Sydney, Newcastle, Port Maquarie, Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay you certainly don’t have to travel to the Caribbean to catch a wave. Just imagine being able to step out of your back door, grab your surfboard and hit the beach. Not many things in life are sweeter than that. At the end of your big surf day you can sit back on the beach with a couple of tropical drinks and enjoy the last rays of sunshine as day drifts into night.

Or, if you’re an early riser, get down to the beach in time to watch the sun come up over the horizon. Either way, you will enjoy your beachfront property for years to come – even after your surfing days are done.

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful waterfront properties, scenic views, pleasant weather conditions and additionally some of Mother Nature’s best works. If you’ve never before visited Australia consider doing so and don’t be surprised if, while there, you decide that you may need an Australian real estate agent to show you the location for your possible new home. Surf’s up!

Enjoy Every Aspect Of Australia

Friday, August 9th, 2013



Like comedians? Did you like the one they hired as the corporate entertainment at your company awards party last month? You can see that same comedian and many more at any of Australia’s comedy clubs, hotel clubs and nightclubs. Here are just a few: Oberon RSL, Leeton Club, Young Club, Yass Club, LA Comedy Store, Woy Woy’s Sporties, Crow’s Nest Hotel, The Abbey, Happy Endings (which is an actual comedy club), Carringbah Hotel or the Comedy Festival in Sydney. Of course, there is far more to Australia than comedians and comedy clubs.


Gone Fishing

If you’re into fishing on a Zen level you can’t afford to miss the opportunity for some of the most amazing fishing in the world. Fishing down under is available everywhere you turn so no one is going to be surprised to find out that those lovable Aussies love them some fishing. Seriously, thanks to all of the bays, harbors, rivers, lakes and coastal waters Australia is listed as having some of the world’s top fishing opportunities.
It doesn’t matter if you just get away for a couple of days or if you actually manage to see to it that everyone can get along without you for a week or more. It also doesn’t matter if you use a camper or camp out in a tent in true outback woodsman style. Then again if roughing it isn’t your bag there are countless accommodations indoors.


Once You Get Tired Of History, Culture…..

And, Australia has plenty of it– It’s time to fish! Australia caters to its tourists with numerous homes, motels, resorts and hotels that are close to some of the best fishing spots around. No matter if your taste runs toward sharks, swordfish, marlin, mackerel, tuna, snapper, trout, herring, whiting or what have you – You can’t do better than Western Australia.  But in order to take full advantage of all of these fishing opportunities you want to stop at a number of places. I suggest Abrolhos Islands, Rottnest Island, Fitzroy River, Exmouth, Kalbarri or the Montebello islands.
It’s shamefully easy to find a hot spot for the best fishing! If however you are a little squeamish about going out on your own you may want to consider rounding up a few friends and sharing the cost of a fishing charter. If catching and eating the fish isn’t what you’re looking for you can always try spotting the humpback whales by taking a whale watching excursion. Trust me, they’re pretty easy to spot!

Logo Your Zinc Oxide To Promote Your Surfing Business

Thursday, July 25th, 2013




You can’t throw a rock in Australia without hitting a surf shop.  Whether your shop offers lessons, you sell surfing equipment, or anything in between, you need to set yourself apart from the rest.  One way to get your name out there is to hand out some promotional items that will be useful to surfers and that will help them remember your business name.  One of those items that can be very successful is a stick of zinc oxide with your company name and logo displayed prominently on it.

A Close Knit Bunch

Surfers are a rare breed of people.  There is that saying that “if it was easy, everyone would do it”, and that really does apply to surfing.  After all, if surfing was easy and as accessible, as it is in Australia, there would be so many people riding the waves that it wouldn’t even be fun anymore.

Surfers have their own vocabulary, their own style, their own culture, and intruding on any of those things is likely to get you hurt.  Understanding that community, however, and advertising to their interests and needs is a great way to make your surf business successful.

Sun Damage

If your business is surfing, but you upscale your business with creative promotional products, that have nothing to do with your business, you may not know enough about marketing to make a successful go of it.  You wouldn’t want to hand out logoed corscrews to surfers in Australia, knowing that most wine bottles have screw caps.

Zinc oxide, however, is something that surfers can use on a regular basis that helps protect them from the sun.  Each time they take out that tube and apply it to their nose, they can be looking at your business name and logo.  What better advertising tactic could you come up with?  You are helping your target demographic while putting your business name right in front of their eyes.  Now THAT is an effective marketing campaign!

Australia is a land of beauty, mystery, and great surfing.  If you have a surfing business in that country, you can consider yourself lucky.  However, you will have to work for your customers and make sure that you have a marketing campaign in place.  Zinc oxide just may be your answer.

Make Your Surfing Hobby Pay

Friday, February 17th, 2012

Many credit card processing companies can help you establish a foundation to turn your surfing hobby into revenue. Getting a credit card first can help provide some flexibility in making future choices; it can also help minimize your stress levels in the initial startup phase.

Starting the Business

Having a credit card will allow you to focus your attention on growing your business opposed to sustaining or surviving to maintain. A credit card or credit line can be helpful if you are planning to open a shop or even if you are planning to start a professional career.

Exercise your Options

Looking into all the possibilities is the smartest way to approach new ventures. Contact knowledgeable friends or agents in the industry for advice on how to be successful. Starting a shop or becoming a professional can become very prosperous when you use the internet as the main resource.

Making your surfing hobby pay is definitely possible with an effective plan. Take the time to start the business the right way and exercise all the available options. Taking the time to prepare properly will pay off in dividends. Surfing can be a fun hobby that pays the bills for the rest of your life.

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